Catch up with our latest activities that you will find them interesting and inspiring.

Date Title
2017-03-10 Hotel Enhancement Works
2014-07-21 Active Support of the St. Christopher’s Home
2014-07-21 A Heart-warming Tuen Ng Festival
2014-07-21 Our Pledge to Minimize Food Waste
2014-07-21 Green at Heart
2014-07-21 Best Business Meeting Hotel Award
2014-07-21 Everyone Shines
2014-04-14 Recycle for festive happiness
2014-04-14 Less washing. Fewer chemicals.
2014-04-14 ‘Table for Two’
2014-04-14 A decade of caring services
2014-01-22 Coastal Cleanup Challenge
2014-04-14 60 minutes for the future of our earth
2014-04-14 Critical acclaim for YinYue from key media!
2014-01-22 Million Walk
2014-01-22 Warming Hearts
2014-01-22 Staff Christmas Party
2013-12-23 The Day of Your Dreams
2013-12-23 North African Wine Tasting Dinner
2013-12-23 Balancing Physical and Mental Health
2013-12-23 Let’s Play Some International Hockey
2013-12-23 Handicapped Children are Not Alone
2013-12-23 Dressed For Love
2013-09-18 Heavenly Support for Food Angel
2013-09-18 Love Red Décor
2013-09-18 Spreading Joy to the Elderly
2013-09-18 An Honour from St. Christopher’s Home
2013-09-18 Value-added Opportunities Create Value-added Staff
2013-09-18 Awards Encore
2013-09-18 Unique ‘Panda’ Hotel Image
2013-06-06 United Tastes of America – Asian Chef Challenge
2013-06-06 Panda Chef Takes Home Another Prestigious Trophy
2013-06-06 Power Smart
2013-06-06 Local Partner for Senior Care
2013-06-06 The Panda at the Evangel Children’s Home
2013-06-06 International Recognition
2013-02-05 YinYue Ranked as ‘Best Hotel Chinese Cuisine’
2013-02-05 Warming Hearts
2013-02-05 Step Forward for a Better Society
2013-02-05 International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament 2012
2013-02-05 The Perfect Host for Asia-Pacific Robot Contest Team
2013-02-05 Award Winning Chef Took Home a Trophy
2012-08-14 Green Wedding Menu wtih Love
2012-08-14 Our Pledge of Good Corporate Citizenship
2012-08-14 Caring about a Better Tomorrow
2012-08-14 Having a Great Time with our Seniors
2012-08-14 A Volunteering Visit for Elderly
2012-08-14 Turning Off the Lights to Illuminate our Future
2012-08-14 Quality Service Training
2012-08-14 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
2012-04-12 Warm Welcome to Overseas Parade Team
2012-04-12 A Grand Occasion
2012-04-12 Chef Shum ranked among the Top Ten Chefs
2012-04-12 The Best Service Hotel
2012-04-12 Walking For a Better World
2011-11-29 Christmas Fun for Less Privileged Kids
2011-10-01 iPanda: The More You Stay, The More You Earn
2011-10-26 Annual Staff Party
2011-09-19 International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament 2011
2011-08-12 Going Red for Charity
2011-05-18 Hearing From You
2011-04-19 Our Pledge of Good Corporate Citizenship
2011-03-20 Fun Games for the Community
2011-03-11 LIKE from Taiwan TV
2011-02-28 The Overseas Parade Team Welcomed by Mr Panda
2011-02-18 A Grand Occasion
2011-02-18 Passing Along Good Fortune
2011-02-15 Recognition from Professionals
2011-02-01 Every Lai See is Born of Love and Kindness